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Not All Supplements Are Created Equal

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Menopause Basics Every Woman Should Have

I recently have created a fantastic, new supplement called Vitality in collaboration with Gennev, a menopause-focused company here in Seattle. Use the code DRELLIS20 at checkout for 20% off your order.

More About Vitamins, Supplements, and Menopause

Did you know that as women, our ability to absorb nutrients starts to decline at age 40? Gennev Vitality is a new multi-vitamin supplement for women ages 40+. We packed these vitamins for menopause fatigue with nutrients that support mood, energy, stress response, immune health, joint pain, and inflammation. 

Dr Wendy Ellis, Naturopathic physician and formulator with over 20 years of clinical research in menopause on creating Vitality. 

Dr. Ellis in the News

At the heart of it all, a metabolically healthy body is the most important part of immune function. I recommend we: Make time for sleep (7-9 hours is ideal) Exercise and move daily (especially outside!) Eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits (the more color, the better) Consume adequate protein (see chart for suggested amounts for active folks)

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