We start by understanding you.

Dr Wendy Ellis, ND

What are your health goals?

What is your medical and family history?

How does your environment shape you?

Let’s take a deep dive into everything from seasonal allergies to your intestinal microbiome.

We will gather health details about what makes you unique, through: 

  • Preventive health screenings
  • Genetics 
  • Hormones 
  • Laboratory testing

Together, we’ll develop the best plan that’s right, and within reach, for you. 

Emerging scientific research

+ personalized wellness

+ you

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Health & Wellness Articles and Resources

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Having Vitality in menopause: Filling your nutrient needs.

“So many women have been asking for more information about our new Vitality supplement pack, that we asked Naturopathic Physician Wendy Ellis to do a webinar. In it, she talked about her process for selecting the nutrients to fulfill several purposes…” Watch free webinar

Adaptogens for and menopause stress management.

Stress is — no joke — a killer. The toll it takes on our bodies and psyches is enormous. When stressed we don’t sleep well, eat well, exercise well, or play well with others. Stress causes…” Read more

Vitality Supplement

Vitality Menopause Supplement: Improve energy, mood, sleep, inflammation

I’ve been collaborating with Gennev, a menopause-focused company in Seattle, and have created a fantastic, new supplement called Vitality. Learn more and get a discount code in Supplements.


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